Book Rating System

Just so we are clear, here’s the rating system I use for my book reviews. Some people use stars. I use “sips” of tea. Here’s how it works.

5 Sips

OMG. I loved this novel so much that I can’t stop talking about it or thinking about it. I will reread it over and over and you should read it too. Books with “5 Sips” come highly recommended.

4 Sips

I liked this book a lot. While it’s not among my all-time favorite reads, I still had a great time with it and would recommend this to others.

3 Sips

This book was OK. I don’t really have strong feelings for it one way or the other. I might recommend it to the right reader.

2 Sips

A book with “2 Sips” is one that I finished but really did not enjoy. I will not pick it up again to reread and I will not be recommending it.

1 Sip

Nope. Not for me. Books with only “1 Sip” really were not my cup of tea. I probably didn’t finish it and will not even think about trying to do so in the future. I can’t recommend it at all. Never ever.

Now that you know all about my review system, it’s time to read my book reviews!

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