Non-Fiction Book Spotlight: Say All the Unspoken Things

 All the Unspoken Things: A Book of Letters
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (February 1, 2022)
Paperback: 240 pages

From the author: “Many of us go through life with words and feelings stranded in our hearts. Words we deeply feel but never say. Sometimes we never have the chance. We don’t always get to say goodbye. We don’t always know when will be our last hug, high five, smile, laugh or ‘I love you.’ All we have is today, now, and what we do in this one, shining moment.”

Say All the Unspoken Things is about living, speaking and loving from our deep hearts. Written as personal letters from a father to his daughters, it covers topics such as: bravery, wonder, beauty, kindness, romance, and God’s patient love. This book will help us find our stranded words, speak more freely and move away from a distracted and shallow life.

John Sowers is a published author and speaker, and his work and writings have been featured by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, Mariah Shriver, Oprah Radio, The Oregonian, The Oklahoman, and others. John received the President’s Champion of Change award at the White House from President Obama.

John has led a homeless shelter, and worked with youth and in prisons. He co-founded The Mentoring Project with Donald Miller, and was multi-language director for the Billy Graham Association, working with twenty-six language groups in Los Angeles and New York. He received his Masters Of Divinity from Trinity and his Doctorate from Gordon Conwell. He is the author of: Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story and Heroic Path: In Search of the Masculine Heart. He has written for the White House, Relevant magazine, Wilderness, and others. But his favorite pastime is being a dad to his daughters, Rosie, Dassi, and Eva. John lives in a cabin in the woods near Ozark, Missouri.

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