Book Spotlight: Bridge Across the Ocean by, Jack B. Rochester

Bridge Across the Ocean: A Novel by Jack B. Rochester

Bridge Across the Ocean: A Novel by Jack B. Rochester
Brilliant Light Publishing/Media
Paperback; September 14, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-9840369-6-7; e-book: 978-0-9840369-7-4
$17.95; 6 x 9; 357 pages

Jedediah Smith, Luke Lin, David Bondsman and Rick Saundersson have created the most innovative bicycle drive in history: The Spinner, a technologically advanced device that produces and stores its own energy without using batteries. It’s 2011, and it’s ideally positioned for the just emerging city bike market, and the world’s largest bicycle maker located in Taiwan is interested.

Just before they are to leave for Taipei to discuss a licensing agreement with Joyful Bike, Luke is struck down while cycling and killed by a hit-and-run driver. Although heartbroken, the three friends decide to continue with their business travels, taking Luke’s fiancée Suzie Sun with them.
At Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, the group encounters two Japanese agents of business espionage who don’t know what they have, but nevertheless want to steal it. The “information worms” pursue the cyclists to Taipei, where the stakes grow even higher and a battle of espionage ensues.

The guys begin negotiations with Joyful’s director of business development, Jung-Shan Lai. She takes them cycling on Joyful bikes through Taiwan’s breathtaking scenery as they continue to thwart the attacks of the information worms. Jed promptly falls in love with Jung-Shan, and she with him.
Will the team be able to secure and finalize their business deal with Joyful Bike? Will the agents of
business espionage ride away with the stolen bicycle drive intelligence? Will the three friends get
justice for Luke’s tragic death? Will Jung-Shan and Jed work out their cross-cultural love affair?

An eclectic mix of genres, Bridge Across the Ocean breaks through fiction stereotypes, thanks to the
author’s engaging story that opens the door to a diverse readership. Bridge Across the Ocean
[Brilliant Light Publishing/Media; September 2021; 978-0-9840369-6-7] by Jack B. Rochester is an
action-packed, adventurous story fraught with its share of suspense and what-happens-next, IP
espionage, business and technological innovation, and a moving love story.

An avid cyclist for more than 30 years, author Jack B. Rochester combines his love of cycling with his
love of writing in his fourth novel. “This is a book about love,” he says. “It’s a story about four intelligent business innovators’ love of bicycles and cycling; the love by all parties of technological innovation; and a love between two people and the importance of unconditional love between all people.”

To support his message and bring awareness to cycling safety, Rochester will be donating all royalties from Bridge Across the Ocean to organizations promoting bicycling safety.

As a grad student, JACK B. ROCHESTER longed to see a book with his name on the cover. Today, it’s
on 16 books and counting. He launched his career as a business book editor and guided 65 authors’
books into print. With the publication of the bestselling The Naked Computer, he launched his editorial services company, Joshua Tree Interactive. He wrote three college textbooks and many more business books until 2004, including the publication of his nonfiction swan song, the internationally acclaimed Pirates of the Digital Millennium, co-authored with John Gantz.

In 2007, Rochester turned to writing fiction full-time. His Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers literary trilogy was published by Wheatmark (available in paperback, Kindle, Audible). He’s currently working on two distinctly different novels and a short story collection. You can follow his writing and read his alternating blogs, Saturday Book Review and My Brain on Grape-Nuts, at, his innovative website.

Today, Rochester spends a lot of his time mentoring writers, counseling writers one-on-one and in
writing workshops across the country – er, the internet.

With Caitlin M. Park, he’s the co-founder of The Fictional Café, an online ‘zine publishing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, fine art, photography, and fictional podcasts for nearly 1K subscribers in 67 countries. The Strong Stuff: The Best of Fictional Café, 2013-2017 was published in a limited edition in 2019. A new edition featuring work from 2018-2020 will be published soon.

Rochester earned his Master’s degree in Comparative Literature from California State University,
Sonoma. He grew up in South Dakota and Wyoming, and spent 15 years on the West Coast. He and
his wife split their time between Boston, MA and Florida. An avid cyclist, he owns five bicycles. As he
likes to say, no moss grows beneath his feet.

Five Questions for Jack B. Rochester

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