Series Spotlight: Exodus Series by, Robert Stadnik

The Exodus Series is a four book sci-fi collection that takes place in a future New York City. The latest addition to the series is Infinite Retribution, which came out last month. This is a companion novel to the original series.

Book #1: Exodus of the Phoenix

Is an unproven, experimental starship the key to finally opening up the cosmos to human exploration?

As a mysterious alien race destroys space ships attempting to leave the solar system, humanity’s dreams of interstellar travel seem as distant as the next star. With an aggressive and uncommunicative alien power blocking interstellar travel, military and government leaders had accepted that humans would never explore the galaxy.

But hope springs forth from the most unlikely of places. Humanity’s destiny lies with two inexperienced cadets and the EXODUS Project. Join cadets John Roberts and Julie Olson as they attempt to slip the barricade and free humanity from its oppressors.

The exciting first book in the Exodus Series launches a riveting science fiction adventure exploring humanity’s boundaries!

Series Companion Novel: Infinite Retribution

After nearly a century of oppression, the human race can finally explore the stars. Now part of a newly-formed alien alliance, the military commemorates this new age by building their first generation of starships to explore the unknown.

When the crew of the INFINITY embarks on the starship’s maiden voyage, they’re primed for a mission of exploration and discovery—not confrontation. But when an unimaginable threat derails their plans, they’re forced to rethink everything they believe to be true . . . and question where their loyalties lie. With time running out, they must make a life-and-death decision: surrender to their basest instincts, or face an even greater danger that threatens them from within.

Robert Stadnik is a science fiction writer, author of the Exodus series science fiction starship adventures and Exodus Universe novels.

Originally from Southern California, Robert has lived in Phoenix, Arizona for over twenty years. He’s traveled extensively around the country, meeting people from all walks of life.

Thank you to Books Forward PR for my copies of these books!

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