Meet the Authors: Cheryl DaVeiga and Dave Gibson

Thank you to iRead Book Tours for introducing me to Cheryl DaVeiga and Dave Gibson, authors of the new children’s book War at the Ice Cream Store. You are going to love hearing more about this book and the great minds behind it – so much so that you are going to want to enter to win a copy for yourself!

WAR AT THE ICE CREAM STORE by Cheryl DaVeiga and Dave Gibson
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  32 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Cheryl DaVeiga and Dave Gibson
Release date:   January, 2021
Content Rating:  G. This children’s book is for everyone.

The first of the Frank TL Frogg and Friends series, War at the Ice Cream Store tells the story of one night at the Frozen Frogg, when Mustachio Pistachio and his “flavorite” flavor friends teach Bulli Vanilli a lesson in kindness and acceptance.


War at the Ice Cream Store is the first in a Frank TL Frogg and Friends series. The interactive digital “flipbook” version at is narrated by the puppets and comes complete with a sing-along song..performed by Dave. All the action and lots of free stuff for kids is at

Cheryl DaVeiga

A former business executive from New Jersey, Cheryl’s real love was music! Her creative musical side manifested itself into a late-night songwriting habit inspired by her then 7-year old nephew. She recorded her songs as a cartoon character called CADi Grace. That was so much fun, she tried her hand at more adult tunes, and won an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) award for a song she wrote. She was hooked.

Leaving the finance world behind, Cheryl got a crash pad in Nashville and wrote. There she met her co-author, Dave Gibson, a legendary Nashville artist and hit songwriter. To their surprise, they shared a passion for the same kinds of story -songs with humorous lyrics; they teamed up to write a musical comedy show (The Waterhole Bunch on Roku TV networks). Still the children’s world was calling, and Cheryl and Dave spun off the lead character from their show (Frank TL (The Lucky) Frogg) into a kids’ entertainment platform that features books, songs, puppet fun and more.

Dave Gibson

Born in Arkansas and raised in West Texas, Dave learned to play guitar at age 13 when his mom bought him one for Christmas out of the Sears catalog.

Determined to make his music dream come true, he made his way to Nashville and never looked back. Penning chart toppers for Nashville recording artists such as Alabama, Tanya Tucker, Confederate Railroad, Montgomery Gentry and many more, including six #1 hits, he landed a record deal with his own group, The Gibson/Miller Band and won the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Award for best new group in the early nineties. Dave met his writing partner Cheryl DaVeiga in Nashville, and together they turned a fun little song he wrote called “The Frog Song” into a Roku network puppet comedy show The Waterhole Bunch and then a children’s entertainment platform– Frank TL (The Lucky) Frogg and Friends.

War at the Ice Cream Store is the first in a series of Frank TL Frogg and Friends books. Children’s book author was just a natural extension of his story-telling songwriting style. And of course, there’s a War at the Ice Cream Store sing-along SONG that he performs as well in the puppet-narrated, musical interactive flipbook version of the book…you can find it and the magical world of Lucky Fork, Tennessee at

connect with the authors:
website ~ facebook ~ instagram

And now, a Books, Tea, Healthy Me exclusive interview with Cheryl DaViega and Dave Gibson!

Is there something special about War at the Ice Cream Store that you want everyone to know?

It’s more than a book…the Frank TL Frogg book series is part of an educational and entertainment platform for kids..with books, songs and puppet fun! There’s a War at the Ice Cream Store song too, and a puppet-narrated interactive version on our website.

From where do you get your ideas for your books?Dave and Cheryl and songwriters. This one came to us while combining the fun of Dave’s “Frog Song” with Cheryl’s “Ice Cream Storm” song (performed by Cheryl’s cartoon character alter ego CADi Grace (see sing-along videos to both songs free at our website!)

Where do you begin when you develop new characters? Physical characteristics, personality, plot? What comes first and how do you go from there?

Well we are both songwriters. So when it came to writing about ice cream vanilla sort of sounded a bit like “bully” (bear with us!) and Bully’s character was formed. Then Cheryl googled least popular ice cream flavor, and Mustachio Pistachio was born. Then the story sort of wrote itself.

Does writing exhaust or energize you? Why?

Energizes us in every way…until the end of the day…when we slump over and realize we’ve been under a spell.

What is your writing kryptonite? And what is the cure?

Right now, there is none. We are having so much fun that the material is flowing in like a high-volume bathtub faucet!

What book are you reading right now?

Oddly, we’ve both been reading the “Badass” series by Jen Sincero for motivation. Hope it’s working! Dave’s also reading Hotel California about his favorite band the Eagles.

What do you do to keep yourself healthy? What is your #1 healthy lifestyle tip?

Cheryl: Sleep! Can’t seem to get enough with my racing thoughts but it’s the best.

Dave: Tennis. A little sweat and competition feeds the soul.

What is your go-to recipe when you cook at home? It doesn’t have to be healthy – just yummy. no ice cream, but when we worked together in Nashville, we always made a big pot of Instant Pot Lentil Stew, which we ate all day! Dave was just a guest on a Nashville show called “Cookin’ with Butter” where he prepared his favorite Shrimp and Burnt Garlic Mariscos…sounds strange but it was delicious.

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