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Excerpt and Giveaway: Stop Stress Fast by, Gregory Landsman

Thank you to iRead Book Tours for having me as a part of the official blog tour for Gregory Landsman and a few of his upcoming books focusing on self-care, beauty and skin care. This is the last in a series of posts on this subject. If you missed any of the previous posts, be sure to check them out!

Today, we look inside the book Stop Stress Fast. Plus, you have a chance to win copies of all eight books in this series! Check it all out below.

Book Title:  STOP STRESS FAST : 12 Quick, Proven Stress Relief Techniques to Help You Feel Good Everyday by Gregory Landsman
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 yrs +),  110 pages
Genre: Stress Management Self Help; Happiness Self Help; Self Help
Publisher:  Hill of Content Publishing
Release date:   June 2020
Content Rating:  G.


Best selling author and wellness educator Gregory Landsman shares his quick, simple and proven method to STOP STRESS FAST and re-boot your energy.

The bite sized chapters will reveal:
• The ground breaking GL DE-STRESS & AGE LESS™ Breathing Technique that everyone can use to Stop Stress Fast (sometimes in less than 2 minutes).
• The secrets to lowering stress levels everyday with foods that support you to look younger and healthier at the same time.
• The 5-Day GL DE-STRESS & AGE LESS™ diet.
• How to counteract the wrinkle causing hormone and look younger and more vital.

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When we are feeling stressed the adrenal glands release cortisol. Cortisol can also be called the ‘wrinkle causing hormone. This is because when the body is flooded with cortisol, sugar levels in the blood naturally increase, and this promotes what is called ‘glycation’ in our skin, which damages our collagen, (the building block for skin).

Cortisol also decreases our natural production of hyaluronic acid, which acts as a natural moisturiser for our skin. On top of this, it compromises the skin’s barrier, which allows even more hydration to be lost; and when skin is dehydrated the enzymes in our skin that repair the damage don’t work as well.

But cortisol isn’t the only by-product of stress that impacts the skin. Adrenaline brought on by stress also works against our complexions. When adrenaline is present, blood flow to the skin is decreased, which robs it of vital nutrients, including oxygen. Less oxygen and sluggish circulation in general leads to a dull, sallow complexion.

The long term impact of daily stress can be seen on our skin, showing up on our faces and bodies, and causing us to look and feel older than we are. After all, worry lines are just that…evidence of too much cortisol from stress that sits on the face!

The result is premature ageing, thinning skin, sagging skin, and deep lines and wrinkles.

When we are stressed, so is our skin. So the more stressed we are, the older we eventually look.


Notice your breath when you are feeling stressed, or experiencing a stressful situation. You will see that for most people, their breathing pattern changes. It may feel like you can’t catch your breath, your breathing is shallow, or the tightness in your chest leaves you short of breath. Shallow breathing alters the brain’s respiration centre, producing chronic body tension and depression.

Our breathing patterns are like an alarm button that let us know instantly when we are under stress. They are a pure reflection of how we are feeling. The good news is that we can consciously choose to breathe deeply, calm the body and reverse the symptoms of stress.

The benefits of deep breathing are numerous and can:

  • Calm the mind and help balance our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing;
  • De-stress the body by lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate;
  • Provide the body with a rich supply of oxygen to the blood, which carries more nutrients to the skin, invigorating the tissues and cells;
  • Reduce the hormone cortisol, which creates chaos with the body and skin;
  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Counteract the signs of stress induced accelerated skin ageing; and
  • Boost the natural health of skin and reduce wrinkles.

So if you are feeling tired and stressed change your breathing and watch what happens…

To receive a free copy of Gregory’s e-book, STOP SKIN AGING PREMATURELY, which includes a list of the most powerful cortisol lowering foods that help reduce stress and wrinkles go to:

Win all 8 Gregory Landsman books valued at $190.00 including his latest book
Stop Stress Fast (ends Feb 28)

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