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Girl Scout Cookie Season is Here! (Online order links included)

I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but I am a Girl Scout Leader. I love working with the girls in my troop. We have so much fun together. Sadly, this pandemic has kept us apart for almost a year but we have kept up with online Zoom meetings so we at least get to “see” each other once a week, even if not in person.

If you ask the girls in my troop what the best season of the year is, they will all say “Cookie Season!” And that special time of year starts TODAY! That’s right, Girl Scout Cookies are on sale now.

During a “normal” year, we would be spending our weekends at the local Farmers’ Market, running a cookie booth where the girls would be selling cookies. It’s been really amazing to watch them over the years starting in Kindergarten when they hid behind the table scared to talk to anyone and now they are doing it all! They talk to customers, count the money, make sure the booth is stocked. They have really come so far.

Unfortunately this year, there are no cookie booths permitted in our area. No fun weekends together. No in-person growth opportunities. So we are turning to online sales. The girls are now learning about social media, creating posts, making their own videos and commercials. We are pivoting and still having fun together.

If you don’t have a local Girl Scout that you are supporting and need to get your cookie fix, here’s an order link for you to use. We ship all over the United States and there is a discount when you order 6 boxes or more!! What flavors will you choose??

Don’t need cookies? That’s OK. You can use the link to donate cookies to someone who does need them. Just choose the Cookie Share option and my troop will make sure that your donation is put to good use.

Here’s a look at this year’s cookie menu:

Thanks in advance for your support of Girl Scouts!

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