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Begin As You Mean To Go On

On January 1, 2018, author Leigh Bardugo posted the following on Instagram:

Almost two years later, I found this post through a random internet search. Since then, I haven’t been able to get this idea out of my mind.

…begin as you mean to go on…

At this time of year, many people set goals or create resolutions for themselves and the new year. But also at this time of year, those goals and resolutions only last for so long and by February they are long forgotten. So do we continue “as we mean to go on?”

What I really like about Bardugo’s post is the phrase “put aside the grand gesture in favor of the small step.” I am a firm believer in celebrating small victories, especially when those small victories can add up to a larger goal. While a big goal (the grand gesture) might be to lose weight, the small steps to get there might include taking a walk, drinking water and avoiding the fast food drive-thru. Do these things once, then do them again. Eventually the small steps will lead to the grand gesture.

But to get to that grand gesture or goal, we need to focus on the small steps and celebrate them along the way. Did you go for a walk today? Was it a little farther than yesterday’s walk? Did you hit your steps goal or drink 8 glasses of water? No matter what your little step was, once you take that step, feel good about that accomplishment. Then remember how good that felt, and look forward to feeling that way again.

…put aside the grand gesture in favor of the small step.

And so, as we enter 2021, after what was one of the craziest years many of us can ever remember, I encourage you to focus on your small steps. Even if you are reading this post after January 1, you can still “begin as you mean to go on.” Each day is a new day. You don’t need a new year to start new habits or set new goals.

So what goals do you have for yourself? What small steps can you take today to get you closer to that goal?

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