Book Spotlight: Stay with Me by, Jessica Cunsolo

Happy Saturday Readers! If you are looking for a quick YA read this weekend, check out Stay With Me by, Jessica Cunsolo.

It’s finally winter break, which means Amelia, Aiden, and the rest of their friends get to enjoy a well deserved vacation at the beach house. After all the drama, the death of Aiden’s step-father, and Aiden’s arrest, it’ll be good to take a break and just relax with friends.

Unfortunately, Thea Kennedy, aka Amelia Collins, could never be so lucky.

As secrets are kept and unraveled, truths and lies are spilled, emotions are revealed, hidden, and mixed, and tensions are high, this vacation will end up being more dramatic than relaxing.

And on top of that, Aiden’s biological father is back in the picture, but not in the way he, or any of his friends, could’ve ever imagined. 

Before you read…

It’s important that you know that Stay With Me is the second book in a series. The first book is She’s With Me. You will enjoy Stay With Me much more if you are continuing the series. While it can be read as a stand-alone, I don’t suggest it. Luckily, She’s With Me is a quick read too so just go make yourself a pot of tea, put on some fuzzy socks and kick back and start reading!

Additionally, there is a third book in the series called Still With Me. This book is only available on Wattpad right now and the book description specifically says that you should read the first two books before this one.

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