Meet the Author: Olivia Cornwell

Thank you to Favourite Pages Book Club for introducing me to Olivia Cornwell and her Rebel Empire series. I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to this new author and her debut novel!

Empire of Blood (Rebel Empire, #1)
by Olivia Cornwell
Release Date: November 10th 2020
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Lilly Faine is tired of classmates dissing her family, and doesn’t care when she receives suspension for nearly punching the lights out of a classmate. Her father isn’t crazy, even if he does spout stories about a world full of magic, a cruel king who hunted him, and has a shattered amulet that tingles when Lilly touches it.

When an old enemy appears under Chicago’s beloved Bean, Lilly and her brother Gabriel are shoved into the impossible world their father believed in. Alone on opposite ends of a war, they race to rescue each other. Lilly finds aid and friendship in a band of rebels, but she is also hunted by the emperor’s personal assassin. Gabriel gains the help of the emperor, but Gabriel’s choices to do good may lead him into dark shadows he can’t find his way out of.

Magic thrums within their reach, promising aid, and Lilly and Gabriel both must decide if the magic they seek – and the causes for which they now fight – is worth the risk of their souls.

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Olivia Cornwell is a storyteller with a love of dragons and magical worlds. She writes stories of hope and redemption and familial relationships, and far too many sarcastic characters. She writes to entertain her readers (and may or may not collect their tears along the way) and share the truth of her Creator. At least when she isn’t struggling to control her characters, drinking a lot of coffee, or hoarding chocolate.

She hides out in Ohio, and in her spare time Olivia cuddles her niece and nephews, and yowls back at her cat (who is most likely her familiar). She also enjoys adopting the characters from her friends’ novels and keeping them safe from their own dangers.

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And now, here is my exclusive interview with Olivia Cornwell!

When did you know that you wanted to become a writer? Is there a specific memory where you remembering learning the power of language and stories?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since my young teenage years. I’ve loved writing stories, and it started with me writing fanfiction of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. But the one story that made me go “I want to be a published author” was one I never finished, but I think it was the one that set me on that path. It’s a little weird to see how much my stories have developed since then!

From the birth of an idea to a finished story, what does your writing process look like?

I’ll start with a blank word document on my laptop, and I’ll throw words on it in one huge brainstorming file. I’ll ramble and rant my way through plot or character problems until I have more or less solid building blocks. Then I’ll organize it all into an outline (K.M. Weiland’s outline structure is what I use). After that comes the first draft. I’ll keep the outline up to refer to, and tick off the major plot points as I pass them. Sometimes I’ll have to backtrack if something doesn’t work, but it’s an occupational hazard. After drafting comes many rounds of revisions and edits. When I’ve stared and tweaked as much as I can until the words don’t make sense anymore, then I know it’s time for fresh eyes. I was still editing when I dove into the whole process of getting it publish-worthy, but next time I might hold off until I know the words are polished off before tackling that step. xD

If you could meet any other author, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

N.D. Wilson. He’s my favorite author ever, and it would be really cool to meet him. I would probably be totally incoherent or unable to speak at all, but that’s normal right? His writing style inspired me to add color and vibrancy to my own writing, and the way he approaches magic helped me hone in on how to portray the magic in Empire of Blood.

What is the best piece of advice that you could give to aspiring writers?

Don’t give up. You’re gonna have days when chucking the laptop out of a second-story window sounds SUPER satisfying. But trust me the after-effects will not be (though I don’t know this from experience). Writing words, writing a story, is gonna be hard. Maybe for just an afternoon, or days. But it’s important that you DO NOT give up. If you need to, step away from the project. Talk a walk, poke a new story with a stick (sometimes changing up the playing field can help you realize how much you miss working on the original WIP). Or just take an afternoon of lazy Twitter-scrolling. Let yourself recharge instead of throwing in the towel. Surround yourself with friends and a writing community who have your back. Because then they’ll be there to block off that second story window, and instead be a listening ear when you need to rant. Just don’t give up. Your story will be loved by somebody out there. And they can’t read it if you don’t write it, right? 😉

What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel and why?

The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson. I loved the worldbuilding and the intense plot. I anxiously hope book 2 will come someday.

Thank you Olivia Cornwell!!

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