Book Review: An Outcast and an Ally

An Outcast and an Ally
Caitlin Lochner
(A Soldier and a Liar #2)
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: April 21st 2020
Genres: DystopianScience FictionYoung Adult

Dark secrets and conflicting loyalties abound as four superpowered teens are torn apart by war in Caitlin Lochner’s An Outcast and an Ally, the epic YA sequel to A Soldier and a Liar.

Lai, Jay, Al, and Erik are on the run after the military accuses them of being traitors. Tensions between everyone are high, but they have to stick together if they want to survive. And somehow stop the war that’s now in full swing.

But when Erik returns to the rebels to find answers about his past, Lai, Al, and Jay have no choice but to go to the Order―a peace coalition bent on stopping the rebels and dissolving the enmity between gifted and ungifted. However, the longer the war drags on, the more Lai’s long-kept secrets threaten to destroy everything she’s ever worked for. Sparks fly as the team constantly questions whether they can trust one another and everyone tries to navigate a war that will change everything.

Filled with the same high-stakes superpowered action and complex relationships as A Soldier and A Liar, Caitlin’s first book, An Outcast and an Ally brings this story to a dramatic and satisfying close.

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The first thing that you need to know about An Outcast and an Ally is that it is the second book in a duology. The series begins with the book A Soldier and a Liar and this book starts just a few days after the end of the first book. If you haven’t read A Soldier and a Liar, the best advice I can give you is to pick up that book first! While An Outcast and an Ally is a great book, you will get SO much more out of it if you have read A Soldier and a Liar.

Now that we have that out of the way…

Filled with action and plot twists, what I really enjoyed about this book was the character development. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know that I truly appreciate books that give us characters who we can get to know and care about. The characters in An Outcast and an Ally fit that description! Lai, Jay, Erik, and Al each go through character arcs what will keep you guessing about what will happen to them, and how they will react, until the very end.

An Outcast and an Ally is fun and fast-paced. Fans of YA dystopian series will enjoy this duology.

I give this book 3 Sips!

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